Lista de Feats Editar

Os feats listtados aqui são os que valerão para a campanha. Ignore a lista de feats do PHB.

Uma vez adquirido, o bonus de atributo do feat nunca é perdido, mesmo que o requerimento não esteja mais válido.

Alguns feats funcionam somente quando as condições de equipamento são atendidas. Se o equipamento certo não estiver em uso, as abilidades do feat não serão acionadas.

Feats do PHB (modificados ou mantidos - se não estiver listado aqui, foi excluído) Editar


  • +1 CHA
  • Gain proficient with disguise kit.
  • Roll Charisma(Deception) or Charisma(Performance) with advantage when trying to pass as a different person.
  • You can mimic the sounds of other creatures or the speech of another person. Someone familiar with the imitated person or creature type can know the sound for false if it wins a Wisdom(insight) contest against your Charisma(deception) test. You have advantage in this contest only if are immitating a person's voice.


  • Requisite: proficient in WIS(Alertness)
  • If you are asleep, you still use your passive perception score to detect threats around you. A success means you wake up and can act next turn.
  • +5 to initiative.
  • Cannot be surprised while conscious.
  • Hidden enemies do not have advantage when attacking.


  • Requisite: proficient in STR(Athletics)
  • +1 to STR or DEX.
  • Stand up from prone using only 5ft of movement.
  • Climbing doesn't halve movement.
  • Running jumps require only 5ft of previous movement.


  • If you move 10ft in a straight line towards an enemy and hit that enemy, choose if you want to shove or deal damage.
  • If you choose to deal damage, the enemy takes extra damage equal double your proficiency from your charging attack.
  • If you choose to shove (and the target can be shoved), the target is pushed back 10ft and land prone. You have advantage on the Strength(Athletics) roll for this charging attempt.
  • If you take the dash action, you can make one charging attack as a bonus action. All the conditions above apply.

Crossbow ExpertEditar

  • Requisite: proficient with any crossbow.
  • Ignores loading property of crossbows. Still have ammunition property, requires one free hand as normal.
  • No disadvantage on ranged attacks because of nearby enemies.
  • Using the attack action with a 1h-weapon allows 1 attack with hand crossbow as a bonus action.

Defensive DuelistEditar

  • +1 DEX
  • This feat only works if you are wielding a finesse weapon.
  • When an enemy hits you with a melee attack and before determining the outcome of the attack you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC against that attack.
  • If this new AC causes the attack to miss, you can make one melee attack using your finesse weapon against that enemy immediately. You cannot combine this effect with another that triggers when an enemy misses you.
  • If the attack is still a hit, reduce the damage dealt by your proficiency bonus (minimum 0 damage).

Dual WielderEditar

  • +1 DEX or STR
  • +1 to AC when wielding a melee weapon in each hand.
  • No restriction to light weapons for two-weapon-fighting.
  • Draw or Stow two weapons as if it were a single weapon.

Dungeon DelverEditar

  • +1 to WIS or INT
  • Advantage on tests to detect traps using WIS(Perception) or INT(Investigation).
  • Advantage on saving throws vs traps.
  • Resistance to trap damage.
  • Search for traps at normal move rate.
  • When exploring a dungeon or a cave, you always know the path to the exit, unless the rooms and/or corridors shift.

Elemental AdeptEditar

  • Requirement: Abilty to cast a spell that deals elemental damage.
  • Choose one element: acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunder.
  • Ignore resistance to your chosen element.
  • Advantage on saving throws for spells or effects that deal damage of that element.
  • Reroll all 1s on damage dice for spells that deal damage of that element. Keep the second roll, even if it is a 1.


  • Requirement: STR 13
  • +1 STR
  • Advantage on attack rolls vs grappled creatures.
  • Use one action to attempt further grappling on a grappled creature. Success means the creature is restrained until it breaks the grapple or you leave your current space. You are not restrained.
  • Creatures one size larger than you do not automatically escape your grapples.

Great Weapon MasterEditar

  • When you score a critical hit or bring a creature to 0 hit points using a heavy melee weapon, you can make a melee attack as a bonus action using the same weapon.
  • Before you roll for a melee attack with a heavy weapon, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll to gain a +10 bonus to the damage roll for that attack.


  • +1 to WIS or CHA
  • If you use the dash, dodge, or disengage actions, you can still use a healer's kit to stabilize a dying creature as a bonus action.
  • When you use a healer's kit to stabilize a dying creature, the creature regains 1d6 + your proficiency bonus hit points.
  • As an action, you can use a charge of the healer kit to tend a creature and restore 1d6 for every point of proficiency you have, plus the creature maximum amount of hit dice (i.e. Proficiency of +3 healing a 5th level character rolls 3d6+5).

Heavy Armor MasterEditar

  • Requisite: proficient with heavy armor
  • +1 to STR
  • While wearing heavy armor, bludegon, pierce or slashing damage from nonmagical sources is reduced by 3.
  • When wearing magical heavy armor, the damage reduction work on magical bludegon, pierce or slashing sources.
  • You have advantage on STR(Athletics) rolls to resist being shoved.

Inspiring LeaderEditar

  • Requisite: CHA 13
  • +1 CHA
  • You can spend 10 minutes inspiring your companions. When you do so, a number of creatures equal to your CHA bonus + your proficiency + your level gain temporary hitpoints equal to your level + your CHA bonus.
  • If those creatures have half or less HD than you (round down), they also gain a +2 bonus to AC and attack rolls while they still have temporary hitpoints from this feat.
  • Affected creatures cannot benefit from another use of this feat before finishing a short or long rest.

Keen MindEditar

  • Requisites: INT 13
  • +1 INT
  • The time span of your keen memory is 1 month per point of INT bonus. the term last few months refer to this time span.
  • You always know where is north, even underground.
  • You always know the number of hours before sunrise or sunset, even when underground.
  • You never get lost when moving in an area you've been before in the last few months.
  • You can accurately recall anything you've heard or seen in the last few months.
  • You have advantage on saving throws versus effects that alter your memories. Even if the effect does not have a saving throw, you are allowed an Intelligence Saving Throw (with advantage)


  • +1 INT
  • You learn 3 new languages of your choice.
  • The time required for you to learn a new language is a third of normal.
  • You can attempt to gain a rudimentary understandment of spoken or written language you don't know by rolling INT+prf (DC set by the DM based on how rare that language is).
  • You can create cyphers. Others cannot decypher the script unless you tell them the secret or they succeed on a INT check (DC is your INT score + proficiency).
  • You add your profieciency to tests made to decypher texts.


  • Luck feat is removed. Replaced with Lucky, see below.

Mage SlayerEditar

  • When a creature in your reach casts a spell, you can use your reaction to make a melee attack against that creature.
  • When you damage a creature concentrating, that creature has disadvantage on the saving throw to mantain concentration.
  • You have advantage on saving throws against spells cast by creatures inside your reach.
  • You have advantage on the first attack you make against a creature that damaged you with a spell since your last turn.

Magic InitiateEditar

  • Choose a class: bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock or wizard. The effects of the feat apply to that class. The ability to cast the spells gained from this feat is the same as the base class.
  • You learn two cantrips from that class list. If these cantrips appear on the spell list of a class you have, these cantrips scale normally.
  • You can cast each 1st level spell learned from this feat once without using a spell slot. You regain this ability after finishing a long rest.
  • You learn one 1st level spell from that class list.
  • If you gain (or have) the first level on the chosen class, you learn one additional 1st level spell from that class list. You can also cast those spells using spell slots normally, if you already spent the free use for that spell.
  • If you choose a class that prepares spells and have levels in, the spells gained from this feat are considered always prepared, and do not count against your limit of prepared spells.
  • If you choose a class that has spells known and have levels in, the spells gained from this feat are considered known. You cannot swap them for another spell.

Martial AdeptEditar

  • You follow the battlemaster fighter rules for maneuvers, save DC and regaining superiority dice.
  • You learn two battlemaster maneuvers.
  • You gain 1 superiority dice. This dice is a d6 if you don't have a class feature granting a better superiority dice. At level 9, you gain a second superiority dice. At level 15 you gain a third superiority dice.

Medium Armor MasterEditar

  • Requirement: proficient with medium armor.
  • +1 STR or DEX.
  • Medium armor does not impose disadvantage on stealth for you.
  • The max DEX bonus of medium armor to AC is 3 rather than 2 for you.

Mounted CombatantEditar

  • this feat only works if you are mounted and not incapacitated.
  • You have advantage on attack rolls vs unmounted creatures smaller than your mount.
  • Attacks targeted at your mount can target you, if you so choose.
  • Your mount gains improved evasion.


  • +1 WIS or INT
  • You know what a creature is speaking if you know the language and can see the creature's mouth.
  • you gain a +5 bonus to passive perception and passive investigation.
  • you have advantage on insight rolls against creatures you spent at least 2 hours observing. You don't need to be exclusively observing. Merely being together (while doing something else) for 2 hours is enough. This effect ends 2 days after you are separated from the creature.

Polearm MasterEditar

  • polearm is one of the following weapons: glavei, halberd, quarterstaff, pike, spear. If one of these weapons does not have reach, ignore the effects of this feat that mention reach.
  • When you take attack action to atttack with a polearm, you can attack as a bonus action with the other end of the weapon, dealing 1d4 weapon damage.
  • while wielding a reach polearm, creatures provoke an AoO when they enter your reach.
  • If you take the disengage action and move away from a creature without reach within 5ft of you, you can make an attack as a bonus attack with your reach polearm after you've moved 5ft away. You can then use the rest of your movement.


  • +1 DEX
  • Your speed increases by 10 feet.
  • When you use the Dash action, difficult terrain does not cost extra movement that turn.
  • You don't provoke attacks of opportunity from creatures you've made a melee attack against.


  • Choose one ability. You gain +1 in that ability.
  • You also gain proficiency in saving throws for that ability.
  • If you already have proficiency on saving throws for that ability or later gain proficiency, you instead gain advantage on saving throws using that ability if you choose to roll with advantage. You can roll with advantage three times. Uses replenish after you finish a long rest.

Ritual CasterEditar

  • Choose a class: bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock or wizard. The effects of the feat apply to that class. The ability to cast the spells gained from this feat is the same as the base class.
  • You obtain a ritual book, where you inscribe your ritual spells. You need to have this book in your hand when you cast a spell learned through this feat.
  • You learn two 1st level spells from that class spell list that have the ritual tag.
  • If you find a inscribed spell for the chosen class (like a spellbook, a prayer book or a magical scroll) that is no higher than half your level and has the ritual tag, you can copy that spell to your ritual book. You spend 2 hours and 50gp per level of the spell (rare inks and components to experiment with as you learn).
  • If you have levels in the chosen class, the spells from the ritual book are considered known for your class. If the ritual book is in your hand, you can cast the spell using a spell slot, if you have a suitable spell slot.

Savage AttackerEditar

  • Once per turn when you roll damage for a melee attack, you can reroll the damage dice. You keep either roll.
  • You gain proficiency with Charisma(Intimidate).
  • If you reroll a damage dice and roll maximum damage on the reroll, you can make a Charisma(Intimidate) attempt on an enemy within 10ft of you as a bonus action.


  • If you hit a creature with an attack of opportunity, that creature's move becomes 0 for the rest of the round. The creature can still act but not move.
  • Creatures within 5ft of you provoke attacks of opportunity even when taking the disengage action.
  • If a creature without this feat that is within your reach attacks a target other than you, you can make an attack of opportunity against that creature after that creature resolves its attack.


  • the long range of any ranged weapon you wield increases by 50% while you are wielding it.
  • attacking at long range does not impose disadvantage.
  • Your ranged weapon atttacks ignore 1/2 and 3/4 cover.
  • Before rolling an attack with a ranged weapon, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll to gain a +10 bonus on the damage roll.

Shield MasterEditar

  • The effects of this feat only work if you are wearing a shield and are not incapacitated.
  • When you take the attack action and are wielding a shield, you can use a bonus action to shove a creature within 5ft.
  • you add your shield AC bonus to the DEX saving throw.
  • If a creature hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction before damage is rolled to add your proficiency bonus to your AC against that attack only. This bonus can make the attack miss.
  • If you make a DEX saving throw vs an area damage effect, you take no damage.


  • You gain proficiency in 3 skills or tools of your choice.
  • You gain a +1 ability point in an ability linked to one of these skills or tools.


  • You can attempt to hide when you are lightly obscured from the creature you are attempting to hide from.
  • If you are hidden, attack with a ranged weapon, and miss, your position is not revealed.
  • Dim light does not impose disadvantage on perception tests.
  • If you are lightly obscured, moving at half your movement rate does not reveal your position, even if you don't have any cover.

Spell SniperEditar

  • Requirement: ability to cast at least one spell.
  • Spells that require attack rolls have double range.
  • Your ranged spell attacks ignore 1/2 and 3/4 cover.
  • You learn one canptrip that requires an attack roll. Choose a class. the casting ability matches the one for the class. If it is a class you have levels in, the cantrip damage scales normally. You cannot swap the cantrip learned from this feat with another.

Tavern BrawlerEditar

  • +1 STR or CON
  • You cannot become incapacitated as a result of ingesting too much alcoholic beverages.
  • You have advantage on saving throws versus effects that would incapacitate you.
  • You are proficient with unarmed strikes (d4) and improvised weapons.
  • If you use a beverage container as an improvised weapon, the beverage does not spill, and the container does not break from being used as a weapon.
  • When you hit a creature with an unarmed strike or an improvised weapon, you can attempt to initiate a grapple as a bonus action.

War CasterEditar

  • You have advantage on CON saving throws to mantain concentration.
  • You can perform the somatic components of spells even if you have weapons and shields on both hands.
  • When a hostile creature provokes an attack of opportunity, you can cast a spell on that creature that targets only one creature and has a casting time of 1 action or lower.

Feats NovosEditar

Skill MasteryEditar

  • Choose one skill you are proficient.
  • You gain a +1 bonus to the ability score linked to that skill.
  • You can choose to make a skill test with the chosen skill with advantage if you can stand still for a round to prepare / concentrate for the use of that skill.
  • You can use this ability 3 times. You regain uses of the ability after you finish a long rest.

Weapons TrainingEditar

  • +1 STR or DEX
  • Proficient with all martial and simple weapons.

Armor TrainingEditar

  • +1 STR, DEX, or CON
  • Proficient with all armor and shields


  • +1 CON
  • You gain 2 extra hitpoints for every HD you have or gain.
  • When rolling Hit Dice to regain HP, add double your CON bonus (minimum 2).

Blade MasterEditar

  • Requirement: proficient with all martial weapons.
  • When you acquire this feat, choose one weapon you are proficient with: Longsword, Shortsword, Rapier, Scimitar, greatsword. The effects of this feat only apply to that weapon. You cannot change the weapon later.
  • +1 STR or DEX (DEX only if the chosen weapon is a finesse weapon).
  • You gain +1 on attack and damage rolls using that weapon.
  • You consider any 1s as 2s on damage rolls using that weapon.
  • You have advantage on rolls to resist being disarmed when wielding your chosen weapon.

Fell Handed Editar

  • The effects of this feat only work when wielding a battleaxe, greataxe, warhammer, and maul.
  • +1 STR
  • Gain a +2 on attack rolls using one of those weapons.
  • When you have advantage on the attack roll and both rolls would hit, you knock the target prone if it is no more than one size larger than you. it makes a STR saving throw (DC = lowest roll) to avoid becoming prone.
  • When you have disadvantage on the attack roll, you deal bludgeoning damage equal to your STR modifier (minimum 1) if the highest roll would've hit.

Arcane Strike Editar

  • Requirement: at least one spell slot.
  • As a bonus action, you can spend one spell slot to enhance your weapon with arcane might.
  • The weapon's damage is considered magical while this effect is active.
  • The weapon illuminates with bright light in 5 feet, and dim light to 10 feet. You choose the color of the glow.
  • The weapon gains a bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to half the slot expended (round up).
  • The effect lasts concentration up to 1 minute or until you no longer wield the weapon.

Shield Guardian Editar

  • Requirement: proficient with shields.
  • +1 CON
  • While wielding a shield, you can grant your shield AC bonus to an adjacent friendly creature at least one size bigger than you that is not also wearing a shield. You do not lose the shield AC bonus while you do so.
  • When an opponent attacks the protected creature, you can use your reaction to move the protected creature 5ft (if it wants to) away from the attacker, and force the opponent to attack you with disadvantage.

Combat Reflexes Editar

  • Requirement: DEX 13
  • +1 DEX
  • Making an attack of opportunity does not consume your reaction. You can make a number AoO equal to your DEX modifier +1 until the end of your next turn. You can not make more than one AoO per opponent until your next turn.

Lucky Editar

  • Roll two d20 at the same time. Reroll one of them if both come up as the same number. Record that result, these are your luck numbers. You can roll to determine your luck numbers only once per long rest. If you are a halfling, reroll any 1s (a halfling can never have 1 as a lucky number for this feat).
  • If you roll a natural luck number on a d20, you can choose to roll one more dice and keep any of the dice rolled as you choose.
  • If an opponent rolls a natural luck number on a d20 when opposing you, you can choose to force it to roll one more dice and keep any of the dice rolled as you choose.
  • If any of the rolls mentioned above is rolled with advantage or disadvantage, you can pick any of the three dice (the two from the original roll plus the one from this feat).
  • Opoosing you means making an attack roll against you, targeting you with a harmful effect, rolling a saving throw against one of your effects or a contested roll against you.
  • You can use this ability 5 times. Once all uses are expended you need to finish a long rest before regaining the uses of this feat. Discard your lucky numbers (and roll for new ones) after you finish a long rest.

The four D's of Dodgeball Lightning ReflexesEditar

  • +1 DEX
  • Whenever you use the Dash or Disengage action, you also gain the benefits of the Dodge action.

Spell MasteryEditar

  • Requirements: ability to prepare spells from a spellbook.
  • +1 INT, WIS, or CHA.
  • When you gain this feat, choose a number of spells that you can cast and exist in your spellbook equal to your spellcasting ability bonus + your proficiency. You have mastered those spells. You can prepare those spells without needing your spellbook. Mastered spells cannot be un-mastered.
  • If your spellcasting abillity bonus or your proficiency bonus increase, you may master additional spells.
  • You can select this feat multiple times. Each selection of this feat grants an equal allotment of mastered spells.

Spell ProdigyEditar

  • Requirement: have 1 spell slot.
  • +1 to the ability score used to calculate save DC for the class that grants you a spell slot. If you have more than one class that grants spell slots or the spellcasting ability, choose one ability score to increase. This choice cannot be changed later.
  • You gain two additional spell slots, of a level equal to half the maximum spell slot level you currently have (round up). These spell slots replenish after you finish a long rest.
  • When you reach a new higher spell level, recalculate the level of the slots granted by this feat.

Dual Dagger Mastery Editar

  • Requirement: proficient with daggers.
  • +1 DEX or CON
  • The bonuses of this feat only take effect while the character is wielding a dagger on each hand.
  • You can draw or stow daggers with both hands with the same ease a person can draw or stow a single weapon.
  • When wielding a dagger on each hand, you gain +1 to AC and +1 to attack and damage rolls when attacking with daggers.
  • If you make a melee attack with both daggers and hit with both, one of the attacks' damage increases by 5.
  • If you use a dagger as a thrown weapon and have a dagger ready on your offhand, you can also throw the offhand dagger as a bonus action.
  • When you are grappled, you can use your reaction to make a dagger melee attack. If you hit, you add the damage dealt to your roll to resist the grapple.
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